Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bathroom Reveal!

This is the moment you've all been waiting for!  ;)

The bathroom is finished!  But first let's remind you what it used to look like...

It is a small space... VERY.  And there was no vanity light! 

Notice the super gross moldy floor. We had to take it all the way through 5 layers of flooring to remediate!

Throughout this house there are some home made, half door frames... This room had one of them, so half of the stud and the edge of the drywall were exposed. 

You get the idea. I had actually forgotten how bad this bathroom really was until I started going through these pictures!  Wow...

From day one, when we first looked at this house, I had a vision of what this bathroom could be someday.  

A curb less, walk in shower. OPEN! And mostly tiled so I could just hose the whole thing down!  You see, in our home we have a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom. This... Is the boys bathroom.  The idea of being able to hose it down had me positively giddy!

It's by far our biggest undertaking in this house to date. The results are soooo worth it though!!!

Here you go! The new, first look!

Given that it's the boys bathroom, they requested it have some manly decorations. Given that it's in my bedroom, I demanded it still be pretty... The compromise is silver animal heads.  Lol!  We're all happy!

Also, I love the sign I created!

New light fixtures all around. And some more animals. The old crown got to stay but got a coat of paint and caulking. 

New toilet and my first crack at a floating shelf. (There are some tile details that still need to be finished here)

Because we are working with a very small space and I was taking out the vanity,  I knew we needed more storage... LOVE this cabinet!

Sigh... So pretty!  I found this frame at a yard sale for $7 and painted and stained it. Then I hit up the re-store for a mirror for $10.  If you take it to your local glass shop, they will cut it down and usually they install it in the frame for a couple dollars. Ours charged me $5 to cut and install. $22 for a custom gorgeous mirror. Not bad!  We also had to rewire and move the electrical up. 

In order to make this room look and feel bigger, we decided to go with a mounted sink. This came with a whole slew of problems I hadn't thought of, but in the end it worked and I love it!  We also encountered a vent we had to cover up, so we built a box and tiled it! I love the grey floor tile. And we went with grey grout because I HATE when white grout gets mildewy and stained. This should hold up better. 

Also, can I just say how much I love this kind of toilet paper holder!

And now... THE SHOWER!  We love it!  So functional and with the added light fixtures it's so bright!  I added an extra long hose so I could hose the bathroom down!  (And, notice the pretty ceiling I built!)

We chose this head because it allowed for lots of variations and options for hosing the place down. 

And... No exposed drywall or studs!  We are so happy with this remodel!  The girls even sneak in and use it sometimes!

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