Monday, June 1, 2015

The roof... The roof... The roof is on... That is all!

It is finished!  When we bought The Little House, the roof was excluded from our insurance policy. It was that bad... Here's a look. 
The rough patch on the porch was repeated all over. 

We were told that it could maybe make it another two years when we purchased it... And we milked EVERY day out of that promise. But every time it rained I prayed! We never had a leak... Thank goodness!  But we didn't want to take any more chances so Spyman took some time off of work and we went to work. A dumpster was delivered and we started scraping off the old shingles. 

Whew!  It has been such hard work!  I don't feel qualified to give any kind of tutorial on this except that, if you have a couple thousand extra dollars, you should absolutely pay someone to do this. ;)

Here we are... A week later and the last nail is hammered. We are tucked safely inside the little house with no fear of the coming storms!

Here are some before and afters. I can just picture it when we get new siding up!!!

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