Saturday, June 6, 2015

You gotta be brave to DIY

It's true. There's a lot of failure. A lot of projects don't work out and you have to; live with it, abandon it, fix it, or try again. (There's some life metaphors in there if you're feeling deep.)

Tonight was a failure night. I found an AMAZING frame at a yard sale that is perfect for the mirror in the bathroom we are remodeling. Here she is...

It was gold before but I painted and distressed it. Then I went to habitat for humanity ReStore to buy a mirror to cut down and fit inside. In the past, I take the mirror to a glass shop and they cut it. But I thought I'd be brave and try to DIY it. 

This tool is $2 at Home Depot. 

It's exactly what they use in the glass shops. I followed the directions and snapped the mirror after scoring it. It was perfect!  Except for one corner didn't snap straight. DANG!  I thought maybe I could tap it with a hammer and it would snap off...  Then this happened...

So on Monday I will be going back to the ReStore to get another mirror. This time I might go to the glass shop to have it cut.  ;)

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