Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ghetto sewing trick

I'm not a precise seamstress. I hate patterns and I don't always follow the rules. But I have been sewing a long time (since I was about 8) and I have a few tricks up my proverbial sleeve... This is one of my faves!

When unpicking a seam you inevitably have all these little stray threads torturing you!  I hate them. I used to just leave them instead of picking all the stupid little buggars out. Which takes a million years. 

Until... Drumroll please... This is big...

The lint roller!!!

(If you thought of this 10 years ago, don't tell me. 😜)

Roll it over your picked out seam...

Viola!!! No more million tiny threads! And it takes about a minute. Sigh... It's the little things. Am I right?!

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