Thursday, April 30, 2015

Certain jobs just suck

I've been putting off this job... Mostly this has all been fun. Even the hard jobs. But mudding drywall sucks. 

One of the previous owners GLUED wood trim to the corners of this bathroom. WHY?! 

So when Spyman ripped out all that trim it damaged the walls. Before I can paint, I have to fix the walls. (Cry) luckily, the trim against the ceiling was done well so we are leaving it. It makes a nice little crown. It just needed a coat of paint and I will have to caulk it later.

Mudding isn't too hard. Just time consuming and since these walls aren't textured it's a perfectionists worst nightmare. Here's the key though. Lots of light coats!  Put a light coat on, about 2" wide, and let it dry. It's ok if it's not perfect!  That's what three more coats and sanding are for! Each coat should work out farther until you're 6-8" wide. 

Here's the middle coat (top half is only on its second coat) drying as we speak. I'll return to show you the finished product!

Also, since we added a new ceiling to the shower, we needed some nice corner trim to finish it off. Same idea...


After (or in process actually) 

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